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Moving office

J.A. Steel & Son have great experience and knowledge of corporate relocations and office moves.

Major companies have been making use of our expertise and high quality office removals services since 1899.

Moving office

Maximum efficiency, minimum disruption

J.A. Steel & Son will help move your employees efficiently and cost-effectively, and with an absolute minimum of disruption. We realise the importance of ensuring staff are up and running and at ease in their new surroundings as soon as possible.

J.A.Steel & Son offer the most comprehensive service available, so that it can be tailor-made to your requirements. We also remain innovative in developing and upgrading our services to keep ahead of customer demand.

Internal office moves

J.A. Steel & Son frequently provide porters to help with office reorganising. Depending on the size of the department, we will allocate the optimum number of porters for the extent of the reorganisation, to ensure everything runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Company relocations

For businesses looking to relocate within the UK or overseas, J.A. Steel & Son can organise the entire move from start to finish, or work to your plan of action. Our experienced and fully trained staff can advise on logistics and removal strategies throughout the relocation. Storage and archiving can be provided at our secure warehouse facility in North London.

For further information call: 020 8364 7007.

J.A. Steel & Son and the environment

J.A. Steel & Son recognise that we have a responsibility to maintain our operating procedures as environmentally friendly as possible.

We operate modern Mercedes vehicles, because they keep noise and pollution to a minimum and have greater reliability and fuel efficiency.

Wherever possible, our packaging materials are made from recyclable products.

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